Atlanta Medicaid Fraud Defense Lawyers

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Have you been investigated for or arrested and charged with medical provider insurance fraud — Medicare and Medicaid fraud — in Atlanta?

The skilled Georgia lawyers who can aggressively protect your rights against allegations of medical coding errors or overbilling are Nick Lotito and Seth Kirschenbaum in Atlanta.

Medicaid Fraud Defense Services From Former Prosecutors

With federal regulation and oversight of the health care industry at an all-time high, health care providers are being held firmly to their responsibilities for accurate financial accounting. These providers are often subject to investigation and indictment over allegations of fraudulent manipulation of our Medicare and Medicaid systems.

If this has happened to you, if you are about to fight for your life in a federal courtroom, we will fight right alongside you. Nick Lotito and Seth Kirschenbaum know how to contend with prosecutors because they are former prosecutors. They know how to hold opposing counsel to its burden of proof. They know how to preempt a prosecutor's tactics. They know how to find facts and evidence that resonate with a judge and jury.

Their more than 60 years of combined experience show that they know how to get results.

Learn more about our skilled attorneys' commitment to excellence and track record of success for Georgia criminal defense clients. Phone, fax or e-mail our full-service Atlanta law offices to secure a free consultation. Call 404-692-5168 today.

Expert Investigation, Negotiation and Litigation That Protects Your Rights

Contact Nick Lotito and Seth Kirschenbaum immediately if you are under investigation, or being held on suspicion, of fraudulent Medicaid or Medicare practices such as:

Are your liberties and livelihood on the line in a Medicare or Medicaid fraud criminal case in Georgia? Our lawyers will make sure your rights are protected. We safeguard the interests of pharmacists, physicians, pharmaceuticals salespersons and medical equipment company representatives in state and federal courts.

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