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Embezzlement typically involves large amounts of money changing hands illegally through larceny, "skimming," the creation of dummy vendors or suppliers, and various schemes to obtain money in an unlawful manner. Because tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars are involved — and sometimes millions — punishments can be especially harsh for a state or federal conviction.

If you have been arrested or are being investigated for embezzling funds from your employer, or forgery of company checks, the experienced Atlanta law offices of Nick Lotito and Seth Kirschenbaum offer strong, effective criminal defense representation that protects your rights. By "experience," we mean more than 60 years of combined service to our fellow Georgians. Our lawyers are well-known throughout the state for their commitment to excellence and history of results.

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Attorneys Lotito and Kirschenbaum are former prosecutors who know how prosecutors think. They succeed for their clients by anticipating prosecutors' strategies and countering with effective tactics of their own. From arraignment to outcome, and in the appeals process, if necessary, you can be assured that your interests will be safeguarded.

We create solutions for people in trouble. Contact Nick Lotito and Seth Kirschenbaum today by toll-free phone call, e-mail or fax to arrange a free consultation if you have been arrested for embezzlement or any form of business fraud. Call 404-692-5168.

If you reach us from a police station or jail after an arrest, our lawyers can arrange to meet with you there.

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Embezzlement is generally defined as theft by deceptive practice or by conversion committed by an employee or professional who enjoys a position of trust. Fraud and embezzlement charges are very serious. Cases may be brought in either state or federal courts.

Many employers are content to resolve embezzlement cases without the expense of a trial. If cases are resolved through negotiation, sometimes with restitution, investigations of your activities may cease before charges are filed.

For allegations of business or financial crimes, we can defend you against charges such as money laundering, kickbacks, mortgage fraud, Medicare/Medicaid fraud, and check and bank fraud.

For strong, effective criminal defense against state or federal embezzlement charges, contact Nick Lotito and Seth Kirschenbaum. They are skilled Georgia criminal law attorneys who care — about your rights, your goals, freedoms, family and future.

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