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33 people charged with federal crimes in Georgia

The federal government has nearly unlimited resources to investigate and prosecute criminal activity. Federal investigators have the manpower and the money to orchestrate massive undercover operations which with the sole purpose of finding people engaged in specific criminal activity. These types of undercover operations are fairly common. Evidence gathered in these stings is often allowed in court to be used against those who have been arrested and charged with federal crimes.

Atlanta family faces severe penalties for alleged embezzlement

Those in the Atlanta area may be interested to know that embezzlement, a specific form of theft, most commonly occurs in a corporate or employment setting. Not only can the employee accused of the theft be charged, so can those who knowingly received the stolen property.

Former Atlanta schools official fights fraud accusations

Allegations of crimes can have harmful effects on the careers of public officials, especially when those allegations involve fraud or public corruption. A recent example of how damaging a mere allegation of corruption can be for a civil servant is that of an ex-Atlanta school district chief information officer, who has been indicted on seven federal criminal charges.

SEC goes after Georgia financial advisor for fraud

Being accused of a crime is about more than the just jail or financial penalties, it is also about a person's reputation. This is especially true for high-profile individuals like politicians, whose reputations may be the very foundations of their careers. Anyone facing criminal tax prosecution for a failure to file or failure to pay should take the matter very seriously. In some cases the very nature of what is at stake is too large to ignore.

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