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Georgia conviction overturned due to statute of limitations

Some crimes involve mostly force, while others involve a complicated scheme of events and significant planning. Fraud and white collar crimes are generally in the second category. Despite the lack of threat or force involved, however, the penalties for these crimes can be especially severe. Allegations alone can even ruin a person's livelihood. Fortunately, there are many ways that a skilled defense attorney may be able to protect the freedom and reputation of those accused of fraud or other types of white collar theft.

Federal charges filed in alleged Paula Deen extortion plot

Georgia's own celebrity chef Paula Deen has been under a lot of scrutiny lately for some controversial statements she made which came to light during the course of a lawsuit filed by a former employee of her family's restaurant empire. Companies with which the cook had enjoyed endorsement deals were quick to drop her, lest their public image be damaged by association.

Atlanta area residents facing federal identity theft charges

Theft can be charged in various ways, and the type of theft a defendant is accused of may play a factor in how they are sentenced if convicted. Identity theft is a form of theft where one party obtains and uses another party's personal information in an attempt to achieve some kind of gain, usually monetary. Atlanta residents charged with such a crime should be aware that identity theft is a serious charge, and when the crime spans multiple states, it may become a federal case.

Atlanta couple alleged to have filed false federal tax returns

Atlanta residents may not be aware of all of the various types of criminal fraud charges. Some kinds of fraud are investigated and charged at the state level, while other types are under the jurisdiction of the federal government. Any tax fraud charge involving federal taxes would be prosecuted at the federal level, and the consequences for conviction can be quite serious.

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