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August 2013 Archives

Health care group faces Medicare fraud charges

Receiving adequate medical care is necessary for many people here in Atlanta and across the country. For the men, women and children who cannot travel to their doctors to receive treatment, organizations that provide in-home health care are a lifesaving necessity and offer valuable services for those who cannot benefit from traditional doctors' appointments at the office.

Six men accused of embezzlement plead not guilty

Atlanta residents may not be aware of the Po'Ka Project, a federally funded program to help troubled youth from the Blackfeet tribe. Recently, the program's administrators have come under attack for allegedly embezzling money from the project.

Mail, wire fraud charges filed against reality television stars

Reality TV watchers in Atlanta probably recall watching Teresa Giudice flip a table over during a heated argument with her sister-in-law. Now, the star of Real Housewives of New Jersey and her husband Joe are in the midst of another heated situation: this time, with the federal government. The government is accusing the couple of committing numerous different types of fraud.

IRS to increase focus on false tax returns

Filing and paying taxes is likely on most Georgia residents' most-hated list. It is time-consuming and frustrating, to say the least, and there is the risk of doing it wrong and being audited. For some people, tax season and the time after may become even worse if they are accused of filing fraudulent returns. The number of fraudulent returns has been growing, which has spurred the IRS to take action to do a better job identifying these fraudulent returns.

Serious potential penalties for woman accused of identity theft

With increasing technology and more frequent use of computers to conduct all types of business, it is easier for people, including Georgia residents, to make potentially unwise decisions that can have very serious penalties. Identity theft is a unique kind of crime because some people may find themselves implicated in identity theft crimes simply as a result of their level of access to databases and privileged information. Other people may fall victim to temptation and end up facing criminal charges.

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