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Atlanta man accused of identity theft

When people think of theft and robbery, they think more in terms of the cops and robbers they see on television. But theft encompasses a lot more than that in this digital era. Identity theft and credit card theft are two forms of crimes that do not paint as grave a picture as the traditional theft, but the penalties attached with the crimes may be equally serious.

Woman accused of embezzling from Atlanta company

Sometimes hard-working, honest people find themselves in difficult legal situations and do not understand the complexity of the charges against them, much less how seriously they should take them. Embezzlement and financial fraud are serious criminal charges that should be treated as such, and those facing charges should not only know what they entail but also have an aggressive strategy to clear their name.

Fulton County court clerk allegedly part of fraud scheme

Fraud crimes are complex, multi-faceted ordeals. They often involve many people, lots of money, intricate planning and the sophisticated use of technology. The laws used to prosecute people accused of such crimes are similarly complex. There are many different laws involved, just as there are many types of fraud, such as identity theft, credit card fraud and bankruptcy fraud, to name a few. Each of these crimes carries with them differing penalties and must be defended against in unique ways.

Two Atlanta men face identity theft and fraud charges

Identity theft and fraud are committed in a variety of ways, and often times those accused of such crimes are unaware of the consequences certain actions have that might fall under an identity theft charge. Maybe a person is wrongfully accused, there is a misunderstanding, arrests were made on false evidence, or the person was unaware of what they were involved in ... in any case, if someone faces an identity theft or fraud charge, they need to fight that charge in court if they hope to avoid serious penalties.

Georgia deputy faces federal drug charges

There is a certain set of criteria for whether to charge someone under federal or state law. For example, when someone is accused of trafficking drugs within a state, that person will likely face state-level drug charges and will be tried in a state court. But when someone is accused of trafficking drugs across state lines, the charges then become federal, and the accused person will undergo trial in a federal court. Federal charges also have different consequences.

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