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Indictments in alleged ticket switching scheme

Many people go through their day making a dishonest statement here or there, not knowing that at times this dishonesty may constitute a crime. When someone makes a false statement or conducts themselves deceitfully for the purpose of gaining something valuable, they may be in danger of being convicted of fraud. When fraud is perpetrated across various state lines, it might turn into a federal crime, and federal crimes carry severe penalties that may include prison time.

Three indicted for housing fraud in Georgia

The federal justice system is a swift one and when a prosecutor obtains an indictment against the accused, the trial usually takes place faster than in other circumstances. With a grand jury indictment, the prosecutor no longer has to demonstrate to a trial judge that they have enough evidence to continue the case-the prosecutor now goes directly to trial. Therefore, the accused has to work quickly to ensure their rights are protected.

Georgia man accused of insurance fraud

An individual's reputation is often based on their personal decisions and professional life. When a person is suspected of committing a crime in their workplace, this accusation could harm both their personal and professional reputation. When an employee or an employer are facing fraud charges, this carries not only serious penalties, but could also damage their future once the matter is settled or their time has been served if they are convicted.

Federal officers suspect person of criminal tax violations

Paying taxes on one's income is everyone's responsibility across the country, and it is an individual's responsibility to ensure they are filing their tax returns correctly and on time. When Atlanta residents fail to do so, it is possible they are suspected of tax evasion, a criminal offense whereby people use illegal methods to avoid reporting their income. Tax evasion is a crime whether a business owner neglected to mention a day's pay or a millionaire used an offshore bank account to squirrel away money. Tax evasion can include filing a false tax return, submitting false documents or fraudulent returns.

Man accused of embezzling from Road Atlanta

Allegations of a criminal nature can affect not only the accused's reputation, but also their personal relationships and their current job. Even if the allegations relate to white-collar crimes, non-violent crimes committed for financial reasons, they can still significantly impact someone's life. This is especially true if the accusations become public as people often rush to judgment without all the facts.

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