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Ten indicted for alleged criminal tax violations

Atlanta residents may have heard of the term "indictment," but may not be aware of what it means. An indictment is issued by a grand jury after the prosecutor presents evidence and various forms of testimony to them. Once a grand jury decides to bring charges against a potential defendant, the trial usually takes place faster as the prosecutor does not have to convince a judge they have enough evidence to carry on. The process usually goes swifter than those cases without an indictment.

Former Georgia football coach found not guilty of fraud

Readers of this blog may have read last week's post about a former Georgia football coach facing criminal fraud charges for his alleged role in a Ponzi scheme. Prosecutors alleged that investors in a company were getting high returns from the company even though the company was selling very little merchandise. Prosecutors accused the former coach and another man of paying earlier investors with money received from later investors. According to the prosecution, investors lost more than $22 million in the alleged scheme.

Former Georgia football coach facing fraud charges

Atlanta residents facing criminal charges should take them very seriously, especially if they are fraud charges, which can carry with them serious penalties. There are a few options available to them to fight these charges, such as having their day in court during which they challenge every aspect of the prosecution's case or coming to an agreement with the prosecution that would settle the case outside of court. Either way, people charged with fraud should consider their options carefully and do whatever is necessary to protect their rights.

Speeding leads to 30 charges of fraud

Even though someone is accused of a crime, an accusation or an arrest does not deprive the accused of their right to defend themselves. In fact, at times the very nature of the arrest or the evidence gathering procedure during the arrest may be contested. For example, when the police stop a car on the roads, they must have a reason to do so and a reason to search their vehicle as well. A defense attorney contesting an arrest that stems from this may have many grounds to challenge the arrest.

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