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White collar crime defense requires proactive approach

For many people who are charged with a work-related white collar crime, an arrest doesn't come as a complete surprise. If you've taken a risk by skimming funds from your employer or similar activity, chances are good that you're waiting for the other shoe to drop.

A closer look at money laundering and your bank transactions

At the beginning of the year, around the start of May, we presented readers of our blog with the case of a Georgia business owner who, in 2013, had $950,000 of his assets seized by the IRS because the government thought his small business transactions were an indication of criminal activity. As we explained in the post though, these transactions weren't illegal at all despite the government's insistence.

Gathering evidence works both ways in an embezzlement case

Imagine for a moment that you are a small business owner. In the last few months, business has been really good, which has caused you to make more deposits than you normally do. You've also needed to hire some more help to deal with your financial transactions.

Don't let investigators label you a criminal, get legal help

As many of our Atlanta readers know, criminal investigations can come in all shapes and sizes. Some can be relatively short, spanning only a few hours as is the case with traffic stops or other encounters with the police. Others can be more lengthy, spanning months or even years, such as with state or federal investigations into potential criminal activity.

Arts Center suspects former employee of embezzlement

Atlanta residents suspected of criminal activity should take the allegations seriously and work towards clearing their name as soon as possible before they feel the effects in the rest of their life. Often, the accusations are the result of misunderstandings and can be cleared up easily.

Union treasurer accused of embezzling from postal union

Georgia criminal charges have the potential to change someone's life permanently by affecting their employment, their relationships, their investments and their future legal battles as well. This is why criminal charges should be taken seriously, and the accused should try to prepare their defense as thoroughly and quickly as possible. Even if someone thinks they might be facing charges soon, they should start considering whether they want to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney or not.

175 count indictment for Atlanta woman accused of embezzling

Theft can be of many types, not just entering someone's house and taking their possessions from them. Embezzlement is a type of theft where the alleged thief has been given possession of property or assets for the purposes of managing or monitoring it but then supposedly misappropriates the funds for their own personal and unlawful gain. Embezzlement most usually occurs in employment settings.

Man accused of embezzling from Road Atlanta

Allegations of a criminal nature can affect not only the accused's reputation, but also their personal relationships and their current job. Even if the allegations relate to white-collar crimes, non-violent crimes committed for financial reasons, they can still significantly impact someone's life. This is especially true if the accusations become public as people often rush to judgment without all the facts.

University employee investigated in possible embezzlement scheme

In Atlanta, an embezzlement scheme can result in severe penalties if the individual committing the act is caught. There are many different ways for a person to commit embezzlement. The simple act of making an unlawful gain, no matter how trivial it might appear, can lead to charges. A person may believe that his or her act is innocuous, but it could still be deemed as an embezzlement scheme and result in an arrest.

Assistant hotel manager suspected of embezzlement

Hotels in Atlanta handle a lot of money as guests check in and out every day. Usually, a person in a management position is entrusted with the money until it can be brought to a secure location. Unfortunately, when the money goes missing, the manager is often the one blamed.

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