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Health care fraud allegations can be life-changing. Careers and legitimate businesses have been destroyed from mere allegations. It is crucial to fight back against fraud charges with every available resource.

At the Atlanta law offices of Nicholas Lotito and Seth Kirschenbaum, we invest a full range of resources to mount an effective defense strategy. Contact our law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation so can take immediate action.

A Strong Defense for All Types of Fraud

The attorneys at our law firm are former federal prosecutors. We know how a case is developed and presented from both sides of the criminal justice system. Our extensive background and access to a network of experts help us mount a strong defense for clients accused of fraud charges, including:

  • Real estate and mortgage fraud: Recent changes in the real estate market have led to an increased number of fraud charges. Mortgage lenders, appraisers and individual business leaders are often victims of these allegations.

  • Contracting fraud: We represent government contractors and other businesses accused of fraud by federal or state prosecutors. We have the skills to handle complex cases involving federal criminal allegations.
  • Health care fraud: Fraud charges related to Medicaid or Medicare are often brought against business professionals and providers who have the best interests of patients in mind. When the government misunderstands your business model, or when you face potentially life-changing consequences of a health care fraud conviction, contact our experienced team for a strong defense.

Seek Legal Help Immediately

When facing state or federal fraud charges, consult an attorney immediately. Your attorney needs time to build a strong case by collecting necessary legal and factual information. Consulting an attorney could also protect you from making statements or taking actions that may not be in your best interests. In some circumstances, our proactive measures have helped prevent formal charges from being filed.

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