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When investigators come after you to question you about your alleged role in a check or bank fraud scheme, you should know that you have rights — rights that should be protected by the most skilled defense lawyers you can find.

Offering Strong, Effective Defense Representation

Nick Lotito and Seth Kirschenbaum are former prosecutors who are totally attuned to the prosecutorial mindset. Early in their careers, they investigated and prosecuted people for federal criminal offenses. Now, they use those skills in defending individuals just like you. They know what a prosecutor will try to do to convict and punish you, because they have experience on both the prosecution and defense side of criminal cases. They know the state and federal criminal justice systems inside out. They know how important federal sentencing guidelines and state sentencing practices can be in a case like yours.

Best of all, they know how to get results for their Georgia criminal defense clients.

Don't take your attorney selection lightly — the person defending you holds your freedom and future in his or her hands. Don't settle for anything less than the most experienced attorneys you can find to protect your rights. Find out more about our lawyers' commitment to success and history of results by contacting our Atlanta law offices today. Your initial consultation is free.

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Criminal Defense Services From Former Prosecutors

Our attorneys are experienced former prosecutors who stay one step ahead of opposing counsel when you face serious criminal charges such as:

After more than 60 years of combined experience as Georgia criminal defense lawyers, Nick Lotito and Seth Kirschenbaum have cultivated a network of expert investigators who can get to the bottom of why you were arrested, and the nature of the charges against you. We use every detail, every fact that supports your side of the story, to connect with a judge and jury, if negotiations do not produce a settlement.

From start to finish of our work together, you can have total confidence that your legal affairs are being handled with poise and professionalism. From arraignment to outcome, you and your family will have constant access to our expertise, so your sudden questions and concerns can be addressed.

For strong, effective criminal defense from attorneys who care — care about creating solutions for people in trouble — contact Nick Lotito and Seth Kirschenbaum to discuss the details of your check and bank fraud case.

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Your initial consultation with our skilled Atlanta check and bank fraud lawyers is free, and can be conducted at a police station or jail, if you contact us from there.