Our Defense Lawyers Fight Theft Crimes Charges

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When you have been accused of theft, it means that you have been accused of taking something that was not yours.

Accusations can arise from something as small as a $3 item from a grocery store or as large as a $50,000 vehicle.

No matter what level of theft charge you face, you need a defense attorney who understands that you are worried about going to jail and about your future. You need an attorney who will take you under his wing and protect you. Atlanta criminal defense attorneys Nick Lotito and Seth Kirschenbaum have more than 60 years of combined experience. We understand that you have many worries and concerns. Call us today at 404-692-5168 and schedule a free initial consultation to start the conversation about your defense strategy.

We Defend Against All Types Of Theft Crimes

Employers, neighbors, store owners — these are just a few of the types of people who may have accused you of theft. Our law firm will get to know you, your life, your activities, your personality. We do this because this theft charge is now taking up your entire life, and we want to understand how it affects you when an employer, neighbor, friend or stranger has accused you of taking something that was not yours to take.

Talk to us about any type of theft or property crime, including:

Our defense lawyers can review the charges against you and develop a strategy for how to proceed in your specific case. Your case will be important to us, no matter what the dollar value of the stolen property is. Your life and your freedom are priceless, and we are devoted to protecting you.

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Our attorneys can help you through this troubling legal matter. To schedule your free initial consultation with Nick Lotito and Seth Kirschenbaum, please call our Atlanta, Georgia, law firm at 404-692-5168 or contact us online.

If you reach us from a police station or jail after an arrest, we can arrange to meet you there.