Atlanta Law Firm Handling Prescription Drug Fraud Cases

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If you are under investigation for prescription drug fraud in Atlanta or elsewhere, consult a seasoned criminal defense attorney. Possession or distribution of prescription drugs without authorization can cause serious penalties at the state and federal levels.

At the Atlanta, Georgia, law offices of Nicholas Lotito and Seth Kirschenbaum, we will help defend you against prescription drug fraud charges. We are former federal prosecutors who are prepared to fight for a dismissal, negotiate for pretrial diversion, or seek to mitigate the charges. Contact our law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Defending Clients Facing Prescription Fraud Charges

Both of the attorneys at our law firm have more than 30 years of experience in the criminal justice system. Their background includes defending clients accused of state drug crimes and federal drug crimes including prescription drug-related charges, such as:

  • Forging a prescription
  • Stolen prescription pads
  • Possession of Ritalin, Vicodin, OxyContin and other legal substances without a prescription
  • Possession with intent to distribute prescription drugs
  • Illegal distribution or trafficking of prescription drugs

The attorneys at our firm will conduct a thorough investigation, while sifting through the evidence obtained against you. We will mount a strong defense strategy against allegations involving doctor shopping and related offenses. We can help you take the most effective actions, and in some cases, our early intervention has prevented drug charges from being filed.

Defending Medical Professionals

We defend physicians, pharmacists, veterinarians, nurses and other professionals facing state and federal investigations of prescription and other drug charges. We develop effective defense strategies for medical professionals accused of prescription drug offenses, controlled substance offenses, and receiving kickbacks or prescribing drugs to clients without a valid medical reason. We aggressively fight criminal charges, while seeking to help medical professionals preserve their licenses.

Seeking Diversionary Measures

At the law offices of Nicholas Lotito and Seth Kirschenbaum, we consult drug addiction and other specialists to mitigate our clients' prescription and other drug addictions. When appropriate, we seek to avoid jail time in exchange for participation in a drug rehabilitation program. First-time offenders who successfully undergo a rehabilitation program are often able to avoid a criminal conviction.

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To speak with a lawyer about your prescription drug fraud allegations, contact us online or call (404) 888-5793. We offer free initial consultations and accepted credit cards for your convenience.