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Georgia group moves to decriminalize marijuana


Currently, in the state of Georgia possession of marijuana is a federal crime that has the potential to land an offender in prison. One particular group in Georgia is pushing for marijuana to be decriminalized in the state, following in the footsteps of both Colorado and Washington, two states that legalized marijuana in this year's election.

This group, called the Georgia Campaign for Access, Reform and Education (CARE), believe that the state shouldn't overlook the current marijuana laws as they reform the criminal justice system. They believe that the state should stop filling prisons with non-violent offenders, and decriminalizing marijuana will help this.

According to CARE members, last year alone there were between 35,000 and 40,000 arrests made on marijuana-related charges. Just by decriminalizing marijuana, this group believes the already crowded jail system could be given the reprieve lawmakers are looking for.

CARE also has hopes of expanding on the idea of modernizing the laws governing medical marijuana in Georgia. They say there is already an existing law regarding taxation of marijuana in the state and think that making use of it would be beneficial to lawmakers. Members of CARE launched their campaign at the State Capitol this week, and are waiting for it to be reviewed.

Should the use of marijuana be made legal in the state of Georgia and or that it should remain punishable by time in prison? Do you think decriminalization of marijuana and allowing it to be sold and taxed would benefit the state?

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