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  • When Copyright Laws Harm Creators
    Copyright law is a valuable resource for many artists, and thankfully it can protect creators from those with malicious intent. Ideally, copyright law ...
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  • Copyright In The Age Of NFTs
    Whether you love it or hate it, cryptocurrency has quickly turned from a niche hobby interest for computer-savvy individuals into a full-blown ...
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  • How Common are Email Scams?
    When navigating the internet, we must be cautious of what websites we visit and where we trust our private information. While protected big-name ...
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  • What is a Ponzi Scheme?
    Investments can be challenging to manage for first-time investors looking to grow their funds for the future. Whether you want an early retirement or ...
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  • What Is A Pyramid Scheme?
    Pyramid schemes are business models that promise a big monetary reward but seldom deliver. Most people involved in pyramid schemes lose money and ...
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  • How Does the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Protect Investors?
    Investments can always be risky. With American households owning over 59% of investments on the United States equity market, worth over $38 trillion ...
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  • How Would the Government Prove an Embezzlement Charge?
    Embezzlement is a type of white-collar crime defined as, ‘fraudulent taking of personal property by someone to whom it was entrusted. Most often ...
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  • What are the Essential Elements of Wire Fraud?
    Wire fraud is a type of fraud that involves the use of electronic communications — this can include a phone call, a fax, an email, a text, or a social ...
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