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  • Georgia DUI Arrest Process: Steps to Expect
    Getting arrested for a DUI in Georgia can be a frightening and confusing experience. It's essential to understand the legal process you'll be going ...
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  • Is Ignorance Of The Law a Defense?
    If someone performs an act they didn’t know was illegal, can they be tried and prosecuted? Many people ask this question for many reasons, and the ...
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  • Can the Police Lie To Me?
    The Constitution's Fifth Amendment gives sweeping privileges to defendants, preventing law enforcement from coercing suspects, allowing a person to ...
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  • What does President Biden’s Marijuana Pardon Mean For My Case?
    In early October of 2022, President Joe Biden issued an executive order that pardoned a swath of people who had previously been charged with or ...
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  • Is Identity Theft a Federal Crime?
    Identity theft is a serious crime with long-term consequences for the victim. While there are state laws that deal with identity theft, is it a ...
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  • What Makes Something a Federal Crime?
    What Makes Something a Federal Crime? A Much More Significant Offense What makes a crime a federal crime ? This is a question that many people do not ...
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  • What Is a Money Mule?
    A Different Way to Launder Money A money mule is a person who illegally transfers money on behalf of others. They are often recruited through online ...
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  • What Are The Elements of Embezzlement?
    Embezzlement is a complex crime that can be charged in various ways. For prosecutors to build a case against an alleged offender, they must ...
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