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  • ACQUITTED Federal Racketeering

    Acquittal in a month-long federal racketeering prosecution

  • ACQUITTED Conspiracy to Distribute
    Acquittal in a two-week federal trial charging a law enforcement officer with conspiracy to distribute 30 kilograms of cocaine
  • ACQUITTED Fraud & Money Laundering
    Judgment of acquittal for a Georgia resident obtained after a two-week federal trial in fraud and money laundering charges;
  • ACQUITTED Aggravated Assault
    Acquittal in an aggravated assault case employing battered woman's syndrome defense
  • DISMISSED Chop Shop & Possession of Vehicles w/ Altered Vin

    Dismissal of federal indictment alleging operation of a chop shop and possession of vehicles with altered VIN numbers following successful motion to suppress.

  • ACQUITTED Multiple Armed Robbery
    Acquittal in a multiple armed robbery prosecution
  • VACATED Felony Drug Conviction

    Felony drug conviction vacated for non-citizen and deportation avoided in Georgia case

  • ACQUITTED Feticide by Vehicle

    Acquittal in a feticide by vehicle prosecution in Fulton County, Georgia

  • REDUCED CHARGES Racketeering, Fraud & Money Laundering

    Plea agreements for two years of probation after three-month federal trial on racketeering, fraud, and money laundering charges (Gold Club case)

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