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Prescription Drug Fraud

Prescription Drug Fraud Attorneys in Georgia

Defending Clients in Atlanta & Throughout All of Georgia

If you are under investigation for prescription drug fraud, consult an Atlanta prescription drug fraud attorney. Possession or distribution of prescription drugs without authorization can cause serious penalties at the state and federal levels. At the law offices of Nick Lotito and Seth Kirschenbaum, our prescription drug fraud lawyers will help defend you against prescription drug fraud charges. We are former prosecutors who are prepared to fight for a dismissal, negotiate for pretrial diversion, or seek to mitigate the charges. Contact our law firm today!

How Long is a Prescription Valid in Georgia?

In Georgia, prescription drugs shall not be filled or refilled more than six months after the date on which such prescription was issued or be refilled more than five times. So, prescription drugs are valid for 6 months.

Can a Pharmacist Refuse to Fill a Prescription in Georgia?

Pharmacists can refuse to fill or refill prescriptions based on his/her professional judgment or ethical or moral beliefs. This Law, enacted in 2001, does not require the refusing individual to provide notification or referrals for patients seeking prescription services.

Is it Illegal to Carry Prescription Drugs Without the Bottle in Georgia?

In Georgia, it is illegal to carry prescription drugs in any container other than the original prescription bottle. That means if you carry your medication in a pillbox, you could be charged with possession of illegal prescriptions. Drug Possession charges can turn into additional criminal charges such as theft, forgery and prescription fraud charges. After finding illegal prescription drugs, police officers often begin examining how they were acquired — whether through theft, via stolen prescription pads or by visiting numerous doctors to obtain multiple prescriptions.


Both of our attorneys have 30+ years of experience in the criminal justice system. Our background includes defending clients accused of drug crimes, including prescription drug-related charges.

Some examples of prescription fraud charges we can handle include:

  • Forging a Prescription
  • Stolen Prescription Pads
  • Possession without a Prescription
  • Possession with Intent to Distribute
  • Illegal Distribution Or Trafficking

We can conduct a thorough investigation, while sifting through the evidence. We can mount a strong defense against allegations involving doctor shopping and related offenses. We can also help take the most effective actions. In some cases, our early intervention has prevented charges from being filed.

Defending Medical Professionals

We help physicians, pharmacists, veterinarians, nurses, and professionals facing investigations of prescription and other drug charges. We develop effective defense strategies for professionals accused of prescription drug and controlled substance offenses, as well as receiving kickbacks or prescribing drugs to clients without a valid medical reason. We aggressively fight criminal charges, while helping preserve their licenses.

Seeking Diversionary Measures

At the law offices of Nicholas Lotito and Seth Kirschenbaum, we consult drug addiction and other specialists to mitigate our clients' prescription and other drug addictions. When appropriate, we seek to avoid jail time in exchange for participation in a drug rehabilitation program. First-time offenders who successfully undergo a rehabilitation program are often able to avoid a criminal conviction.

To speak with a prescription fraud lawyer in Georgia about your prescription drug fraud allegations, contact us onlineor call (404) 471-3177. We offer free initial consultations and accepted credit cards for your convenience.

Client Testimonials

    “From the beginning, Nick was kind, thoughtful, and caring.”
    “If you need a lawyer who will represent you and your best interest, will listen to you, empathize with your situation, and carefully execute a game plan based on the situation. Nick Lotito will be the best choice if your life is dependent on it.”
    - Mark M.
    “I would recommend Seth without hesitation.”
    “I would recommend Seth without hesitation.”
    - James
    “Nick defended me with dedication, caring, and skillfulness - I will be eternally grateful”
    Thank You Nick, For Justice! The state of Georgia indicted me on two counts of Racketeering that I did not commit. Nick defended me with dedication, caring, and skillfulness in interacting with all parties involved. Against almost insurmountable odds, he was able to get my case dismissed. I will be eternally grateful for all he has done for me. I consider him a superb criminal defense attorney and also call him my friend!
    - Harley
    “Mr. Lotito truly went above and beyond every step of the way.”
    Nick Lotito recently represented one of my close family members in a vehicular homicide case. He helped our family navigate through this incredibly traumatic experience with grace and compassion. He was organized, well prepared, and thorough. And always responded to our emails and phone calls immediately. Mr. Lotito truly went above and beyond every step of the way. Highly, highly recommended!
    - Perri Eichenlaub
    “very impressed”
    Good and Knowledgeable I was in a bad situation at one point in my life, the Federal Government brought criminal action against me and I knew i had to be accountable for my action. I was looking for a good lawyer who specialized in criminal lawyer, one who has professional experience in a court room and could give me a good advice on what I needed to do. I interviewed three lawyers and someone told me about Nicholas Lotito, so I meet with him and we talked for hours, I was very impressed with his honesty, I was convinced and had no doubts or uncertainty that he was the person I needed to represent me. At the end of the trial everything worked out good. So thank you Mr. Lotito for the good work you did.
    - Abe
    “You will be in good hands.”
    “Highest Praise I chose Nick after interviewing many criminal lawyers. It was the best decision I could have made.”
    - Peter

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