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Official acquitted of more than 60 federal charges


Even if found not guilty, almost anyone charged with a federal crime will suffer a significant cost. One government official was acquitted of more than sixty felony charges, but the 3-year ordeal has left the man financially broke.

The official in question was accused of 61 counts of forgery and possession of forged documents. It was claimed that he forged a variety of absentee documents to aid various city council members. A number of defendants did plead guilty to the charges, and it is this official's theory that those guilty of the charges were trying target him as the fall guy for what actually occurred.

"The case was a joke from the get-go," stated his attorney. Though it's difficult to judge if he will succeed, the acquitted man would now like to seek compensatory and punitive damages from a number of individuals that engineered the man's prosecution. The accused man lost 14 weeks of wages while in a trial room fighting against the allegations, and his wife also lost her job because of this ordeal.

Federal trials such as this require great expertise on the part of an attorney to defend. Here, more than 50 prosecution witnesses were introduced, and the county spent more than $200,000 in the failed prosecution of this case. However, the county expects to pay out more in the prosecution of other individuals allegedly involved in the scheme.

At times, prosecution of federal crimes can be motivated by certain prosecutors attempt to make a name for themselves. But as the above facts show, individuals facing federal charges are not necessarily guilty of any offense.

Source: Times Union, "Acquitted 'fall guy' wants cash back," by Bob Gardinier, Dec. 26, 2012

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