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Bad behavior yields GA woman extra fraud charges


When a criminal indictment comes down, it is a natural reaction to look for ways to get the charges dropped. Whether an attorney can help achieve a not guilty verdict or something happens in court to make the case get thrown out, a way out is understandably desirable. But one Georgia woman facing fraud charges is being dealt additional fraud charges after forging a judge's signature in the midst of her court cases.

The woman was already under investigation for several mortgage-related crimes, including illegally entering foreclosed homes and trying to falsify documents to steal the homes and name herself as the owner of the houses. After being indicted on those charges, she began a series of federal lawsuits naming the judge in her case and the State of Georgia as defendants, demanding freedom and millions of dollars in damages.

The woman and three others are now facing charges of fraudulent representations, attempts to keep the court from performing its duties, and mail fraud. After her suit was dismissed, she wrote a series of letters, allegedly signing the name of the judge on a form that would yield her damages from the case.

After criminal charges are filed, the eyes of the court are paying attention, and an arrestee should be wary of taking actions on their own without legal advice. Consulting a lawyer for advice on how to proceed with a case can be the most important step in clearing your name. An experienced lawyer can see details about your case that you may not be able to see or even be aware of. Navigating the legal landscape can be intimidating; professional representation is the best route to a successful case.

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