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Atlanta woman facing fraud charges, allegedly stole police car


It is possible that hardworking people make mistakes when in the heat of the moment. However, before these mistakes turn into criminal offenses, Georgia residents should consider the possible penalties they could incur, such as jail time and fines and how these consequences can affect the rest of their life.

A woman suspected of using a fraudulent credit card at a famous superstore is also accused of stealing and then crashing a police officer's car in Georgia. Even something as innocuous as using a fake credit card can result in fraud charges. Any charges such as these should be taken seriously, as sometimes even mere accusations are enough to damage a person's career and personal life.

According to the police, the woman was in the back of the squad car after being arrested for allegedly trying to use a fake credit card at a superstore. Supposedly, she then moved her handcuffs from her back to her front, wrenched open the window between the front and back seat of the car and then drove the car away.

However, the police contend it does not end there. As she escaped onto the highway, she is accused of crashing into another car and then fleeing from the scene of the crime. Police officers contend they know the woman's name and are in the process of searching for her.

When facing serious fraud charges, Georgia residents should remember they are innocent until proven guilty and should prepare an aggressive defense accordingly. Depending on the circumstances, the defense strategy could vary from seeking an acquittal to attempting to come to an agreement to lessen the charges-Georgia residents should do whatever is in their best interests given the facts and circumstances surrounding their cases.

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