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Police officer accused of federal drug crimes


Many Atlanta residents know that selling drugs is often a federal crime that comes with serious penalties. Being accused of a drug crime is never something to take lightly and these accusations could happen to anyone. Recently, in a county south of Atlanta, a police officer is being accused of federal drug crimes.

According to reports, the police officer had been assigned to a U.S. Marshals task force and while he was doing his job he allegedly conspired with an Atlanta-based drug dealer. Police say that he allegedly used his professional position to stage a false traffic stop involving a car that he and the alleged drug dealer believed contained cocaine. Then, according to the law enforcement officials, the two seized the cocaine and then attempted to sell the cocaine.

Records say the two were caught when they were trying to recruit another person to help them. The potential recruit, however, was apparently working with federal law enforcement and recorded all encounters the person had with the two. The police officer and the drug dealer were eventually arrested. The police officer is now facing federal charges for drug possession with intent to distribute, attempting to obstruct and affect commerce by unlawfully obtaining a controlled substance, attempting to possess drugs for distribution and using a firearm in the furtherance of a drug trafficking crime.

It is important to remember that the officer is only being accused of the crimes and has not yet been convicted. Like all who are accused of federal drug crimes, the officer will get his day in court where he can dispute the charges and present his case to a jury of his peers.

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