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Federal officers suspect person of criminal tax violations


Paying taxes on one's income is everyone's responsibility across the country, and it is an individual's responsibility to ensure they are filing their tax returns correctly and on time. When Atlanta residents fail to do so, it is possible they are suspected of tax evasion, a criminal offense whereby people use illegal methods to avoid reporting their income. Tax evasion is a crime whether a business owner neglected to mention a day's pay or a millionaire used an offshore bank account to squirrel away money. Tax evasion can include filing a false tax return, submitting false documents or fraudulent returns.

A medical office was raided this week in Atlanta on suspicion of forgery relating to tax issues. Federal law enforcement officers began entering the offices early in the morning, according to the Special Agent in Charge of the Atlanta Field Division of the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. She claimed they were in the offices executing a search warrant, but remained tight-lipped about the rest of the details. The spokesperson for the United States Attorney stated that they were investigating an employee at the medical office for allegedly forging an IRS document.

Tax evasion allegations are very serious, and, if incorrect, papers have been filed by mistake, the mistake may quickly be rectified. When criminal allegations are involved, it is important for the accused to respond quickly and head off an indictment.

Once an indictment is issued, the justice system moves quickly, and the trial date will quickly ensue. Failure to treat similar accusations seriously and aggressively may result in severe penalties, including but not limited to time in prison, which ends up affecting the rest of the accused's life.

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