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Union treasurer accused of embezzling from postal union


Georgia criminal charges have the potential to change someone's life permanently by affecting their employment, their relationships, their investments and their future legal battles as well. This is why criminal charges should be taken seriously, and the accused should try to prepare their defense as thoroughly and quickly as possible. Even if someone thinks they might be facing charges soon, they should start considering whether they want to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney or not.

These may have been the thoughts going through an American Postal Workers Union official was charged with embezzlement in Atlanta recently, after another worker pleaded guilty to similar charges last year. However, the newspaper reporting the story has not made any connection between the two people.

The woman facing charges right now is accused of embezzling more than $23,000. She is the treasurer of the local Union. According to the indictment, she is facing one count of falsifying annual financial records filed by a labor union, embezzlement and theft of labor union assets.

Embezzlement charges are serious ones and carry with them serious penalties that could include time in prison and even restitution in some cases. Nonetheless, Atlanta residents facing these charges should remember that charges are simply accusations, and these accusations can be fought against. The accusations do not equal a conviction.

Some accused may not want to go through a legal trial for a variety of reasons, and they may be able to negotiate a deal with the prosecution that suits both their situations. Whatever recourse the accused may want to take, they may want to consider consulting an experienced defense attorney who can work with them to find a solution that best fits their circumstances.

Source: Biz Journals, "U.S. Postal Service Union official indicted on embezzlement charges," Carla Caldwell, Aug. 5, 2014

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