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Four arrested on suspicion of credit card fraud


With holiday season upon Atlanta residents, they may want to give the best gifts they possibly can to their loved ones, and, when they cannot afford to do so, they may make a bad decision with even the best intentions. These bad decisions can even lead to criminal charges, ruining the holiday season for all involved.

This may be the case for four people facing accusations of credit card fraud in Georgia. The alleged group was arrested after trying to purchase Visa gift cards at a store. They were arrested on suspicion of credit card fraud, and the police report they found around 65 fraudulent credit cards in their possession.

According to officials, the investigation began after the store reported a bunch of people were using fraudulent cards to buy gift cards from the chain of stores in the area. Upon investigation, the police found that stolen credit card numbers had been encoded onto fraudulently created credit cards. Once the alleged group purchased gift cards, they were suspected of selling them on the streets.

The four people arrested were charged for their role in the alleged ring and were charged with possession of counterfeit credit cards and theft. The oldest of the four is 33-years-old and the youngest only 22-years of age.

Fraud charges are very serious and should be treated as such. In their naiveté, Atlanta residents may make a mistake whose repercussions stay with them for a lifetime. In order to receive timely and valuable guidance to fight off criminal charges or even reduce them, the accused may want to consider consulting an experienced defense attorney.

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