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Federal drug charges ensue after raid in Atlanta


Seventeen members of an alleged drug ring were indicted recently on federal charges after an operation carried out by more than a dozen agencies including ICE and Homeland Security uncovered the alleged ring in Atlanta. The indictment included charges of conspiracy to distribute heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

The indicted here are accused of transporting large amounts of illegal substances from Mexico into Atlanta and are charged with using the Atlanta metropolitan area for carrying out their activities. Drug charges are serious enough on their own, but when they cross state boundaries and, as in this case, a country's border, they often become federal drug charges. Almost all federal crimes carry with them serious penalties, including prison sentences.

According to news reports, agents raided the house that was allegedly the center of these illegal activities and subsequently searched the bus that was suspected to be used to transport the drugs. According to officials, the drugs were brought into Atlanta on passenger buses and unloaded in local warehouses. Some drugs were supposedly distributed within Atlanta whereas others were distributed in other states.

Federal charges are serious ones, especially ones pertaining to drugs. Atlanta residents facing similar charges should be aware of their rights and keep in mind that an arrest is different from a conviction. Fighting the charges and all possible aspects of the prosecution's case, including whether searches were conducted legally, are strategies that can be utilized while defending oneself against federal drug charges. It is important to work fast when an indictment is involved. An experienced professional may be able to assist Atlanta residents in their quest for justice.

Source:, "Mexico-based drug ring busted in Gwinnett County," May 29, 2014

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