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Fight criminal tax violation charges with experienced counsel


Tax evasion, the crime of using unlawful methods to avoid reporting income, is one that can have serious consequences. Not only is failing to file a tax return a crime, but so is filing a fraudulent one. Tax evasion includes, but is not limited to, money laundering, submitting false documents, aiding or abetting tax violations and making false statements to investigators. Whether it is a small business owner neglecting to report a day's income or a millionaire using an offshore account, tax evasion is taken seriously by prosecutors and should be taken just as seriously by Atlanta residents facing charges of criminal tax violations.

Last week's post on the Atlanta Federal Criminal Defense Blog outlined employer and employee responsibilities when it comes to taxes. Neglecting to fulfill these responsibilities can lead to criminal charges. These charges can affect not only your reputation as an employee or employer, but also your state of mind as you try to understand the charges levied against you and how to counter them.

In order to fight these charges, it is important to understand the prosecution's strategy, something lawyers at our law firm are able to do, as they themselves were former prosecutors. If contacted early, they can try to intervene early in order to avoid an indictment. Additionally, by using financial and accounting experts and going over financial documents thoroughly, they can prepare an aggressive defense and protect your rights.

Dealing with criminal charges is difficult, but with the help of our attorneys, you will never feel alone. They give personalized attention to each case and work with you to create solutions.

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