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Indictment issued against two for healthcare fraud


For people running and owning businesses, accusations of fraud can mean the end of a reputation it has taken years to build and maintain. When accusations lead to an indictment and arrest, the damage may be irreparable. In order to protect one's image in the community, it is important to fight accusations as soon as possible. When an indictment has been issued it is even more imperative to prepare an aggressive defense quickly as the trial goes faster in these cases.

Two people in Georgia were charged with allegedly filing fraudulent claims with Medicare and the Georgia Medicaid program. The two operated and owned two separate medical centers in Georgia.

The alleged scheme ran like this-they transported patients, including the elderly, from various locations to their centers for daily treatments, where physical therapists and sometimes unlicensed aids supervised them. Despite the allegation that these patients received little treatment, the accused submitted bills claiming they had received multiple procedures. They supposedly billed Medicare and Medicaid over $2 million. These procedures included multiple injections that were allegedly never given and services that were supposedly provided by a doctor who did not perform the procedures attributed to him.

An indictment was issued against them late this month. When an indictment is issued, the trial proceeds quickly as the prosecutor has already submitted evidence demonstrating the case has merit. Therefore, it is important to move quickly in case of an indictment.

Criminal charges can cause financial and emotional turmoil for Georgia residents, as it affects both their personal and professional lives. If convicted of healthcare fraud, Georgia residents may find themselves facing harsh penalties and fines. Speaking to an experienced attorney may be one way to protect their rights.

Source: bizjournals, "Metro Atlanta medical clinic owners charged with Medicare and Medicaid fraud," Nov. 19, 2014

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