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What do I do if I am facing fraud charges?


Georgia residents may not know that their state takes a hard stand against crimes of all kinds. This means that those facing criminal charges could face heavy fines, prison times and other penalization based on the type of crime they are accused of. When someone is accused of committing a crime that crosses state lines, that person may face prosecution by the federal government, which can carry even harsher sentences.

As Georgia readers of our Atlanta Federal Criminal Defense Law Blog may have read recently, white collar crimes cover a wide variety of crimes and people can unknowingly find themselves accused of committing these crimes. Even though there may be no physical harm to the alleged victims in this type of crime, the financial and emotional loss are enough cause for levying serious penalties against the accused.

In these situations, the accused may not be aware of their legal rights. The first thing they should keep in mind is that an accusation or an arrest is not the same as a conviction. This means they have the right to defend themselves in a court of law should they so choose. In these situation, it can be a great help to have experienced lawyers, such as those at our law firm, help prepare the defense, since they are knowledgeable not only about what constitutes a crime, but also about the various ways the prosecution can develop a case against the accused.

Whether the accused is facing charges in a federal court or in a state court, lawyers at our firm can work with them from initial questioning to appealing a decision in order to ensure their rights are protected and a favorable outcome can be achieved for all those involved.

Source: Our firm website can offer more information to those who want to know what to do if they are charged with committing a white collar crime.

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