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Don't let investigators label you a criminal, get legal help


As many of our Atlanta readers know, criminal investigations can come in all shapes and sizes. Some can be relatively short, spanning only a few hours as is the case with traffic stops or other encounters with the police. Others can be more lengthy, spanning months or even years, such as with state or federal investigations into potential criminal activity.

It's important to note though that no matter how long it took investigators to attempt to put together a case against you, you do have the right to protect yourself against their accusations. Rather than learn the hard way, it's a right you should definitely exert.

Aside from a possible conviction, even an allegation of committing a crime can tarnish a person's reputation. We far too frequently see investigations where a person is labeled in the media as a criminal because of incomplete or slanted information released by investigators. Such reports make it difficult for people to remember or appreciate that a person is innocent until proven guilty, handing out labels of guilt before a case ever reaches a courtroom. Richard Jewell and the Duke lacrosse players should inform us that early accounts can be far from the truth.

While this isn't a problem unique to Georgia residents, it is a problem our readers should take very seriously. Not only can an allegation tarnish a person's reputation, it can also impact a person's relationship with friends and family, as well as affect their ability to retain employment or a viable business.

One such criminal accusation that can be particularly damaging is being accused of embezzlement. Any person facing this criminal charge faces an uphill legal battle because investigations tend to go on for months before an indictment is made. In many cases, a person doesn't know what evidence is being used against them until the case goes to trial. Fewer still have the legal knowledge necessary to put forward a proper defense by themselves. While not always possible, we have had success in resolving instances of embezzlement, involving large sums of money, without charges being brought. In other cases, we have helped persons avoid jail or minimized the consequences of these allegations.

When facing serious criminal charges you should never forget that you have the right to legal counsel. Because of a lawyer's knowledge of the law, you can rest assured that your rights are being protected and that your side of the story is being heard. Here at Nick Lotito & Seth Kirschenbaum, we can help you do that.

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