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The Internet can be a blessing and a curse for Atlanta residents


Thanks to advancements in technology, we now have the ability to access just about any piece of information we want within seconds. For those who own smartphones, accessing information is even easier than ever and can happen on the go. But while a majority of people across Georgia and the nation enjoy the ease at which they can surf the Internet, such access should be considered both a blessing and a curse.

That's because police and law enforcement agencies can oftentimes access the same information we can with the same amount of ease. From Twitter feeds to Facebook posts, just about anything we put on the Internet may very well be viewed later by a criminal investigator. In many cases, what may seem like an innocuous posting or check-in on your favorite social media site, could be seen as evidence to be used against you in a criminal investigation.

From limiting the information you put on the Internet to modifying your security settings, there are a lot of things that our Atlanta readers can do to limit the information criminal investigators have easy access to. But when it comes to protecting your rights, we here at Nicholas Lotito and Seth Kirschenbaum believe that the most important thing Georgians can do is hire an attorney that has knowledge of the law and experience handling computer crimes cases.

Remember: criminal investigations can sometimes go on for months, allowing investigators plenty of time to gather information they intend on using against you. Recalling what you posted could be a challenge at this point, leaving you vulnerable to prosecutorial practices that might force you into a false confession.

By hiring a skilled criminal defense attorney, you put the law on your side, allowing you to protect your rights and giving you a better chance at refuting the evidence against you. Timing is important after being charged with a criminal offense though, which is why those who are accused of committing a crime are encouraged to call a lawyer right away.

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