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Fraudulent tax filings put TurboTax customers at risk of scrutiny


TurboTax is warning customers who filed previous tax returns to watch their accounts carefully in the months to come. That's because the company was able to identify an alarming number of fraudulent state-tax filings the company believes was the result of recent data breaches. It's believed that customer information may have been compromised, which was then used to illegally obtain "bogus refunds."

Although TurboTax promises to provide victims with credit monitoring, identity-protection services, and "access to all versions of its software" free of charge, victims may still be worried about other potential issues such as the possibility of an audit from the IRS or even worse still, accusations that some victims filed fraudulent tax returns of their own.

Your need for good defense against criminal accusations

Whether it's an accusation of tax evasion or tax fraud, all criminal charges should be taken with the upmost seriousness, even if you know that they have been levied against you by mistake. The problem a data breach such as this creates is that all TurboTax filings will be looked at with incredible scrutiny; and if a Georgia client doesn't catch the problem before the IRS does, it could mean legal issues down the road.

It's important for all Georgia residents to remember, not just in criminal tax prosecutions, that you do have the right to legal representation and that you can get such services from the skilled attorneys here at Nick Lotito & Seth Kirschenbaum. Because of our familiarity with tax law, we can assist people who are facing criminal charges -- even if they are by mistake.

We understand how overwhelming and frustrating a scenario such as this can be, which is why we'd like to put our readers' minds at ease and say that we can help if you need it.

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