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How can lawyers help defend against mail fraud charges?


Federal charges are serious enough as it is, but when those charges are compounded by mail and wire fraud charges, the subsequent punishment can be very harsh. As discussed previously on the Atlanta Federal Criminal Defense Blog, mail fraud takes place when mails are used in connection with a criminal case. Wire fraud takes place if telephones or cellphones or computers are used during the commission of a crime. Mail and wire fraud charges often accompany antitrust violations and securities fraud charges.

Prosecutors often try to add conspiracy charges, as well, in multi-defendant mail and wire fraud cases. In these situations, evidentiary rules are also relaxed and hearsay rules that apply to protect the accused from statements made outside the courtroom are no longer applicable. Therefore, out-of-court statements also can be used as evidence.

Lawyers at our firm are not only familiar with the tactics that prosecutors use, but also with the applicable evidentiary rules. They work with electronic specialists and computer experts to prepare a comprehensive defense case and consult with other investigative professionals, thereby eliminating the need for the accused to approach an investigator on his or her own.

Lawyers at our firm understand that prosecutors are often overzealous and add charges to the case which they may not be able to prove. We work to study the inconsistencies and reveal them as part of the defense strategy in order to protect the accused and minimize the charges and their potential repercussions.

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