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Man arrested on fraud, theft charges in Georgia


Since fraud is basically deceiving someone for monetary benefit, it is a very wide concept and the crime of fraud has many facets. Insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, identity fraud and financial transaction card fraud are all examples of fraud charges that someone can be charged with and each one is treated very seriously and can carry serious penalties. If someone is facing charges encompassing all these crimes, they may need to start considering their defense strategy as soon as possible.

These may be the thoughts going through the mind of a 35-year-old man who was recently arrested on 14 felony warrants in Georgia. His charges include three charges of insurance fraud, identity theft, forgery and financial transaction card fraud each and two of theft by receiving-a total of 14. According to the authorities, it is possible more felony charges are added to this list.

According to the investigation run by the fraud unit, the man allegedly ran a cellphone scheme. He supposedly accessed an insurance company's website by using other people's account information and allegedly filed false insurance claims for lost or damaged phones. He is then suspected of tracking the phone shipments and either intercepting their delivery or removing the devices directly from the supposed victims' doorsteps. Authorities have identified more than 160 potential victims of this alleged scheme.

Facing criminal charges is very daunting, especially if they carry with them the serious penalties fraud charges do. Atlanta residents should treat them seriously and remember that even though they have been arrested of a crime, they have certain rights they can avail to protect themselves and they should not hesitate from becoming aware of these rights and exercising them.

Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Cellphone scheme nets felony charges for Newton County Man," Jon Gargis, Dec. 18, 2014

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