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When a business owner is accused of illegal business practices


Business owners often work very hard and put their heart and soul into trying to help their business succeed and help it succeed in the right way. Thus, it can be a truly horrifying thing for a business owner when the federal government accuses them of having engaged in illegal business practices.

There are many different types of actions that fall into the category of illegal business practices. Some examples include: bid rigging, price fixing, mail and wire fraud, making unlawful kickbacks and other unlawful practices. Often such actions can be destructive to competition, so it makes sense that the federal government has enforcement mechanisms aimed at preventing such practices. Unfortunately, in their zealousness to crack down on illegal business practices, federal officials can sometimes end up leveling illegal business practice allegations against a business owner for practices that are actually lawful.

Federal charges are sometimes brought against a business owner after a federal investigation which can disrupt a business and the owner's life. Facing federal illegal business practices charges can be a very harrowing thing for a business owner, and a conviction on such charges can have devastating consequences. Representation at the earliest time may be the difference between avoiding or facing charges. A conviction can deeply impact a business owner personally. It exposes an owner, officer or other individual to significantto possible prison time and fines.

Also, a conviction may have collateral consequences, such as licensing or debarment issues, that could cause further harm to a business. If a business owner is convicted on federal illegal business practice charges, their business' reputation also suffers greatly. Such reputation damage could severely weaken a business and even result in the demise of a business. At times prompt representation can minimize or avoid these consequences.

Our firm understands how much can be at risk for Georgia business owners when they are facing federal illegal business practice charges and can help such individuals with their defense. For information on our criminal defense representation services when it comes to illegal business practice charges, see this page.

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