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Why Hiring a Former Federal Prosecutor Is Good for Federal Cases


Anyone facing federal charges is in a dire legal predicament that could yield devastating results without a solid defense. However, the state must prove the allegations made against the defendant regardless of the circumstances surrounding the case.

Therefore, aggressive and knowledgeable legal representation from an experienced Atlanta criminal defense attorney can make all the difference for your federal case! However, don’t just hire any attorney, employ a lawyer who knows exactly what it’s like to sit on the other side of the courtroom.

Knowing What to Expect from the Court

All prosecutors tend to operate similarly, and having a former prosecutor handling your case can be a real advantage to you. A former prosecutor understands what penalties a particular court may want to impose and how to negotiate a plea agreement or charge reduction that falls in line with the facts of the case.

In fact, prosecutors tend to over-charge defendants to provide room for a settlement to avoid going to trial, and an experienced former prosecutor understands how to use this situation to the advantage of the client!

Proving a Charge

The court system is stacked in favor of the defense because prosecutors must prove their charges beyond a reasonable doubt. Proving charges requires concrete evidence that connects the defendant to criminal activity.

This evidence can include testimony from witnesses or informants, but it typically takes pertinent physical evidence for the prosecution to establish its claims. All evidence must meet a specific standard of acquisition, and many times prosecutors will attempt to use evidence that is borderline at best.

A former prosecutor understands how the prosecution will use evidence and can use this knowledge to defend his client from shoddy and circumstantial “facts.”

What Your Attorney Can Do

An Atlanta criminal defense attorney who has served as a prosecutor can craft a case emphasizing reasonable doubt for their client by addressing the holes in every piece of evidence. Any questionable evidence can and will be evaluated for admissibility and potential suppression.

Convictions on federal charges are life-altering events for the defendant, and no one should ever assume that the claims of the court will stand in the face of questioning. Georgia residents facing federal charges should call Nick Lotito & Seth Kirschenbaum for comprehensive criminal representation.

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