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The Many Forms of Credit Card Fraud


Many people believe there is only one kind of credit card fraud, but that’s not true. In fact, there are several kinds of credit card fraud, and each one can lead to severe penalties for successful convictions.

Application Fraud

Application fraud is a kind of credit card fraud that anyone can commit if they attempt to apply for a credit card. Application fraud is when a credit card applicant accidentally or intentionally writes down false information on their application.

People commit application fraud for a variety of reasons. Some people commit application fraud in hopes of receiving a credit card despite bad credit history. Others commit application fraud to secure one-time credit card deals on multiple accounts.

However, some people commit application fraud by accident by opening a credit card in their spouse’s name; not realizing that this could result in felony charges.

CNP Fraud

Card not present (CNP) fraud is when someone knows the expiration date and account number of someone’s card and uses this information to buy something online or on the phone. Card not present fraud is easier to perform than other kinds of fraud because the accused doesn’t need the physical copy of the card.

Card Theft

Stealing a credit card is known as card theft. There are two ways to commit card theft: by swiping a card off of a person or by stealing a card out of a person’s mail. If someone is caught stealing a credit card out of the mail, it could result in federal charges for the accused.

Charged with Credit Card Fraud?

If you or a loved one is charged with credit card fraud, you can fight back. With an experienced white-collar criminal attorney on your side, it’s possible to defend your case.

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