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Differences Between Gifts & Bribes


Birthdays, holidays, promotions, and anniversaries all have something in common: gifts are a normal part of the festivities. Few things are better than receiving or giving the perfect gift, but knowing when a gift becomes a bribe is essential knowledge.

Bribes Come with Strings Attached

The first significant difference between a gift and a bribe is that a gift comes with no strings attached. When someone gives someone else a gift, it’s given freely and with no expectations for getting something in return.

If a gift is given with the intent of getting something in return, it’s no longer a gift but a trade at best and a bribe at worst. Bribes, unlike gifts, come with strings attached.

Bribes Are Illegal

There is nothing wrong with getting a gift for someone you care about. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with giving a business associate a gift to show them that you care. However, that gift turns into a problem when its goal is to influence someone’s decision.

Georgia law defines bribery as giving someone a benefit, reward, or consideration that they are not entitled to influence his or her performance of any act related to functions of his or her office or employment.

Therefore, if someone offers a “gift” to influence someone’s decision, it’s no longer a gift but a bribe.

Have You Been Accused of Bribery

Offering someone a bribe, even if they don’t take it, could result in criminal penalties. Additionally, accepting a bribe from someone could result in criminal penalties. If you or a loved one is in trouble for accepting or offering a bribe, Nick Lotito & Associates can defend your case. Our-award winning criminal defense has helped thousands of clients over the years, and we’re ready to help you.

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