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How Can You Combat False Domestic Violence Accusations?


Fighting domestic violence accusations is difficult, and it is especially difficult when you know you are innocent. Because of the severity of these violence charges, it can be challenging for outside perspectives to remember that you are innocent before proven guilty. As frustrating as that will be for you, there are ways to combat false domestic violations accusations.

Keep The Peace

While it may be difficult, it is important for you not to confront the person who is accusing you of domestic violence. Any sort of negative interaction with the false victim will weaken the case and give the accuser’s initial claim more credibility.

It is also important to maintain composure in front of a judge and follow all legal orders.

Obtain Character Witnesses

Find people who will be willing to speak on your behalf. Friends, family, and old coworkers who know you on a personal level can help prove that you would not be capable of committing domestic violence.

Communicate With Your Employer

Because these accusations are so serious, it is important to be open with your employer and explain that they are false. Your employer may be hesitant to allow you to keep your job, so you must be diligent in communicating with them about the false accusations.

Begin Looking For Evidence

The best option is to begin looking for inconsistencies in the narrative the false victim is presenting. Do they have any physical evidence? Is their story changing?

Also, you should look for any proof you have that could absolve you from wrongdoing. For example, do you have any receipts that prove you were elsewhere at the supposed time of the crime?

Contact A Lawyer

A lawyer can help provide guidance for how to go about fighting your false domestic violence allegations. Their expertise will come in handy in forming a strong defense. Like previously stated, due to the severity of these accusations, it can be difficult to prove innocence- even when you know you are not guilty.

At Nick Lotito & Seth Kirschenbaum, we can help you through this challenging time. Our Atlanta domestic violence attorneys have over 30 years of combined experience and will fight tirelessly to prove your innocence against false accusations.

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