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Flying With Weed


Because each state has very different laws regarding marijuana’s legality, it can be difficult for people to understand what actions are legal and which aren’t.

If you’re going to be traveling soon, it’s important to be aware of both state and federal laws regarding marijuana and CBD products.

Flying with Marijuana

At the federal level, marijuana is illegal. Therefore, you can’t bring it on a plane because federal law governs airplane travel. And because marijuana is illegal in Georgia, it’s illegal to carry weed onto an airplane flying anywhere.

What if I’m Flying Within a State Where Marijana is Legal?

Even if you’re flying within a state where recreational marijuana is legal, such as from San Diego to San Francisco, California, it’s still illegal. The same goes for flying from one state where weed is legal to another state where it’s legal.

Regardless of that state’s laws, once you get on a plane with marijuana, you’ve broken state and federal laws.

Flying with Medical Marijuana

Flying with a medical card is sometimes a gray area. Typically, this is allowed so long as you have proof that you have a medical marijuana card legally obtained by a doctor. However, TSA isn’t able to check the validity of these cards in the airport, so they may still call local police to better assess the situation. While you may not be charged with a crime even if police are called, you’ll likely face other issues, like missing your flight.

It’s also important to note that for your medical marijuana card to be effective, both states you’re traveling between must have legalized medical marijuana.

Can I Fly with CBD?

CBD is legal at the federal level, therefore you can bring it on a flight. But it’s important to note that your CBD product can’t contain more than 0.3% THC or it must be approved by the FDA. You also have to follow TSA rules regarding carry-on items. For example, if your CBD product is a liquid, it must be under 3.4 fluid ounces.

Convictions on federal drug charges are life-altering events for the defendant, and no one should ever assume that the claims of the court will stand in the face of questioning. Georgia residents facing federal charges should call Nick Lotito & Seth Kirschenbaum for comprehensive criminal representation.

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