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Fulton County court clerk allegedly part of fraud scheme


Fraud crimes are complex, multi-faceted ordeals. They often involve many people, lots of money, intricate planning and the sophisticated use of technology. The laws used to prosecute people accused of such crimes are similarly complex. There are many different laws involved, just as there are many types of fraud, such as identity theft, credit card fraud and bankruptcy fraud, to name a few. Each of these crimes carries with them differing penalties and must be defended against in unique ways.

One way of committing fraud is to sell people's personal information in order to obtain fraudulent tax funds. A clerk at a Fulton County Superior Court is being charged with just that. The man was allegedly part of a tax fraud ring that fraudulently filed for $12.5 million in tax refunds. Prosecutors claim the man had access to a Fulton County database, and that he used this access to steal personal information from prison inmates. Many other men from Atlanta are suspected of being involved in the large-scale scheme. The case is currently under investigation.

Penalties for being convicted of fraud are severe. Most fraud offences fall into the spectrum of felony crimes and carry with them felony-level punishments. Large fines, serious jail time and even probation may await those who are sentenced for fraud crimes. The severity of the punishments varies based on a number of elements, including the type of fraud that was committed, how big the scheme was and the nature of the crime.

A legal professional can help those accused of fraud protect their rights and form a defense in which every intricacy is addressed. Every alleged fraud crime is unique, and a legal professional can help form a plan of action that is effective for each unique case.

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