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Woman accused of embezzling from Atlanta company


Sometimes hard-working, honest people find themselves in difficult legal situations and do not understand the complexity of the charges against them, much less how seriously they should take them. Embezzlement and financial fraud are serious criminal charges that should be treated as such, and those facing charges should not only know what they entail but also have an aggressive strategy to clear their name.

One Atlanta based company's employee finds herself facing embezzlement charges for allegedly falsely billing her company. She is accused of creating false entries in the company's account and then generating bills for reimbursement that she made payable to herself under fictitious names. The warrant alleges she hid the theft by deleting the false entries and inflating other expenses.

The 38-year-old woman is accused of stealing more than $645,000 over a period of seven years, starting from 2006, during which she served in various capacities including project manager and office manager. Agents from the Internal Revenue Service, who conducted their own investigation concerning unpaid federal taxes, detected the alleged scheme.

The woman is accused of computer fraud and fiduciary theft by taking, both felony charges. According to jail records, she turned herself into the county jail.

When facing embezzlement or fraud charges like these, Atlanta defendants should keep in mind that they are innocent until proven guilty. The criminal justice system is a complex one and defendants may need legal help to understand and fight the charges they face. Often times, cooperating with authorities may be the best way to fight charges.

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