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Georgians arrested on fraud and identity theft charges


Atlanta residents may not be aware how serious fraud charges can be. Since the crime involves little or no violence or force, many may not think the penalties can be harsh. However, it is believed that those accused of fraud have meticulously planned to deceive someone and the associated penalties can be quite severe. A state or federal investigation on fraud charges can be enough to ruin someone's livelihood and reputation, and should not be taken lightly.

As many as nine people were arrested in Georgia for their alleged involvement in an identity theft and tax fraud group. According to the police, the latest arrests follow a series of arrests made earlier in the year and the accused face similar charges, including those of tax fraud and identity theft. The police contend that the accused allegedly filed fraudulent tax returns based on identifying information they gathered from stolen documents. They supposedly possessed tax refund checks and debit cards related to the submission of these fraudulent documents. State and federal law enforcement officials partnered up with the Department of Revenue for the investigation and more arrests are said to forthcoming.

Mere allegations of fraud can wreak havoc on Georgia resident's life, upsetting not only their businesses but also their emotional state. Since the allegations may be countered by presenting a strong defense refuting the prosecutor's case, Georgia residents may want to work quickly to get the best information available about fighting for their rights, as well as learning about options for emotional support during a difficult time.

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