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Georgia woman faces prison time in embezzlement case


Though Atlanta residents may not be aware of it, "skimming" is a criminal offense that can be punishable in court. Where Atlanta residents are accused of transferring a large amount of money to another party through illegal means, including skimming or creating false accounts, the criminal charge of embezzlement may come into play. Since can embezzlement happen on a large scale with millions of dollars exchanging hands, punishments can be severe if a federal conviction is the result.

A 36-year-old Georgia woman and another 38-year-old woman may find themselves facing a similarly harsh penalty if they are convicted, as they were arraigned on several charges of wire fraud and one count of conspiracy. Not only does each count of wire fraud carry a fine of $250,000, but also a potential sentence of 20 years in prison for each count.

In the alleged embezzlement scheme, the two women were accused of manipulating their employer's electronic invoicing system to create duplicate payments to third parties, but the checks were deposited into bank accounts under their names. They have been accused of stealing more than $900,000 from their employer. The United States already repossessed their luxury vehicles and a house from the alleged offenders and is also attempting to recover all the funds appropriated from the alleged scheme.

When facing federal criminal charges, all of which usually carry harsh penalties, Atlanta residents should be aware of their rights and remember that they are innocent until proven guilty. An embezzlement charge should prompt a defendant to consider their options and to present a strong defense that refutes the prosecution's allegations.

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