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Indictments in alleged ticket switching scheme


Many people go through their day making a dishonest statement here or there, not knowing that at times this dishonesty may constitute a crime. When someone makes a false statement or conducts themselves deceitfully for the purpose of gaining something valuable, they may be in danger of being convicted of fraud. When fraud is perpetrated across various state lines, it might turn into a federal crime, and federal crimes carry severe penalties that may include prison time.

Four Atlanta men indicted in an alleged fraud scheme may be considering how this will affect their reputation and job prospects as they go through the federal justice system. According to investigators, three of the indicted men entered home improvement stores throughout the country and selected items they would purchase. However, supposedly before purchasing these items they would switch the labels on the high priced items to those of low priced items, so they would pay less at checkout.

Investigators went on to say they then allegedly removed the lower price labels and with the higher price labels intact, return the items to the store without a receipt for refund credit cards in the amount of the items bought. According to investigators, they allegedly then sold these fraudulent refund cards to their alleged fourth partner, who would purchase items from the home improvement store and sell them in his own store.

The four men were indicted by a federal grand jury in Atlanta for their alleged ticket switching scheme.

Since the federal justice system is a fast one, Atlanta residents charged with federal crimes should take these charges seriously and prepare an aggressive defense that challenges every aspect of the prosecution's case, including the allegation that every element of a fraud case has been met. Everyone deserves their day in court, and an accused should take every measure necessary to protect their rights.

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