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Speeding leads to 30 charges of fraud


Even though someone is accused of a crime, an accusation or an arrest does not deprive the accused of their right to defend themselves. In fact, at times the very nature of the arrest or the evidence gathering procedure during the arrest may be contested. For example, when the police stop a car on the roads, they must have a reason to do so and a reason to search their vehicle as well. A defense attorney contesting an arrest that stems from this may have many grounds to challenge the arrest.

A Georgia man find himself charged with 30 fraud charges as the result of a stop conducted by the vice unit on the highway. The man was allegedly driving 76 mph in a 70 mph zone. Detectives conducted a probable search of the car, of which the accused was the only occupant, when a K-9 scan of the car indicated there may be narcotics in the car.

Upon searching the vehicle, detectives allegedly found 11 bundles of cash. They also allegedly recovered checks amounting to more than $55,000 issued by the U.S. Treasury. These refund checks were not his own. He was also reportedly in possession of 30 paper copies of Georgia driver's licenses of the people whose refund checks he had.

He has been charged with 30 counts of possession/manufacture of fraudulent identification. It is possible that federal charges may follow.

Georgia residents facing fraud charges, or any criminal charges, should take them seriously. They carry with them serious penalties that could affect every aspect of their life, such as child custody and job prospects. Even an arrest has the ability to taint someone's reputation, and the accused should work to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

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