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Former University of Georgia student faces multiple fraud charges


Sometimes, one mistake leads to another and before Atlanta residents realize what is happening, they find themselves embroiled in criminal proceedings. However, they must remain calm and remember that they are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and preparing an aggressive defense may in some cases help them get the charges dropped.

Accusations are just that -- accusations. Nothing is concrete until proven in a court of law. A former student of the University of Georgia may want to keep that in mind as there are 61 felony warrants for identity fraud and financial transaction card fraud in his name.

According to the police chief of the University of Georgia, they began receiving many reports of identity fraud from various jurisdictions and began an investigation into the matter. Their investigation led them to the former student who worked in the registrar's office processing paperwork. The investigators allege he used stolen information to open up 19 different credit card accounts. He is also accused of using these accounts to purchase items such as electronics and high-end clothing.

The police chief explains that there was no electronic breach. The alleged breach was in the papers, and their investigation led them to many suspects working in the registrar's office, but they narrowed it down to the accused.

However, through an aggressive defense, an accused in Atlanta can poke holes in the prosecution's case. An identity theft defense attorney can help guide the accused through the legal system. These charges should be taken seriously as they carry with them serious penalties that affect many aspects of the accused's life.

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