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Atlanta reality star delays trial to review fraud charges


Fans of reality television may have heard that Real Housewives of Atlanta star Apollo Nida is facing bank fraud and identity theft charges. These criminal charges are serious ones that often carry harsh penalties including jail time and hefty fines. If the reality star is convicted of these charges, he may end up being convicted for a lengthy amount of time. Charges such as these not only need an aggressive defense to fight off, but also the recognition that strategizing may be the best way to go.

Nida's legal team may have recognized the importance of defense strategy, as the reality star filed paperwork with the court to delay his court date a month. The court accepted his motion, even though their interests are generally in having a quick trial. The court stated that in this specific situation, though, justice is better served by granting the motion, as it will give the parties involved time to discuss the accusations.

Nida claimed he wanted the extra time to go over the government's case against him, but he could very well be considering a deal with the federal investigators, in exchange for giving them some extra information. This may lead to a lesser sentence for him, something he may prefer given he has two young children.

There are many legal resolutions an Atlanta defendant can consider if facing a criminal charge on white collar crime. A defense strategy is not only about pursuing the case in court, but trying to reach the best result for the defendant in their particular situation, whether that means taking the case to court or resolving it outside of court. It also seems that when defendants are willing to help federal investigators in their case, the court may give them more time to consider their options. Atlanta residents in similar situations may want to consider consulting an experienced attorney for assistance in the matter.

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