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Assistant hotel manager suspected of embezzlement


Hotels in Atlanta handle a lot of money as guests check in and out every day. Usually, a person in a management position is entrusted with the money until it can be brought to a secure location. Unfortunately, when the money goes missing, the manager is often the one blamed.

A 38-year-old woman was arrested recently in Georgia for allegedly embezzling around $80,000 from the hotel chain where she was working as an assistant general manager.

Police became aware of her alleged activities as early as January of this year when they were called to the hotel in reference to forgery of over $350, according to her arrest warrant. She was held in jail on a $155,000 bond.

When someone has been given access to another person's funds for the purposes of using, investing or managing the funds, and that person misuses those funds for their own personal use, the crime is punishable by severe penalties, including both jail time and heavy fines. Since the accused is in a position of trust and has been lawfully given possession over the money used, intent must be proved to prove the crime of embezzlement. This may be hard to do in a court of law.

Atlanta residents facing similar charges may want to consider consulting an experienced defense attorney to question many points of the prosecution's case, such as the intent to embezzle. These charges should be fought as aggressively as possible and as soon as possible, as everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, regardless of what newspaper and other media reports claim. Sometimes, it is also possible to settle criminal cases without going to trial, as a defense attorney tries to work out the best deal for the accused.

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