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Man extradited to US for role in alleged fraud scheme


The federal justice system is a quick one, and once a grand jury indicts a defendant, the trial takes place in a matter of months. Atlanta residents facing federal charges should take them seriously and keep in mind the time frame they have to prepare their case. Where time is of the essence, and it usually is in these matters, Atlanta residents may want to consider consulting an experienced attorney.

An attorney can help determine the best way to move the case forward, since they are familiar with both the law and the criminal justice system. One way a defendant can plead is not guilty and contest the charges against him. A foreign national has done just that when he was extradited to Atlanta for his role in an alleged computer fraud scheme.

The indictment against him has 29 counts in it, of which the man is named in only two. According to the indictment, he assisted an unnamed co-conspirator in a scheme to earn profit by hacking into computer systems of companies. The indictment further alleges that the accused set up these websites and sent spam emails directing traffic to the websites he owns, which earned him a commission on sales on his website. The indictment appears to name the co-conspirator as the leader of the alleged scheme. The man is charged with conspiracy to commit computer fraud and wire fraud conspiracy.

Atlanta residents facing federal charges or scheduled to appear in a federal court should know their rights before they enter a courtroom and know that an experienced attorney may be able to assist them in that matter.

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