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Criminal investigation leads to arrest of married couple


When people are arrested and charged with robbery and identity theft in Atlanta and surrounding areas, there are many issues they will have to consider as the case moves forward. Since identity theft has become so prevalent with the number of people using credit and purchasing items online, identity theft laws are in place to try and stop these activities and punish those who are convicted. Given the serious penalties that are possible for those convicted, it's imperative to know how to move forward when lodging a defense.

A husband and wife, ages 25 and 26, were arrested on numerous charges including burglary, breaking into a vehicle, identity fraud, credit card theft and fraudulent financial transactions. The couple is alleged to have broken into a vehicle to steal a purse. They are accused of using the debit card they found in the purse. They are also accused in other burglaries as well as stealing a Florida woman's identity and getting a credit card in her name. There might be other crimes pending as the investigation continues.

No matter the circumstances of a criminal investigation regarding identity theft and robbery, those who have been accused need to understand what they're up against. There are serious penalties for a conviction on these kinds of charges. In some instances, people have made a mistake and done something they shouldn't have - something against the law. In other situations, there is a simple misunderstanding as to what occurred. Having assistance from someone with in-depth knowledge of how law enforcement goes about a criminal investigation and what the prosecution will do with that evidence can make the difference between a conviction, a reasonable plea bargain with restitution or an outright acquittal.

In this case, a husband and wife are facing numerous charges related to robbery and identity theft. With the long-term punishments and extensive problems a person convicted of these charges would face, people in a similar position would need to formulate a strong defense. For that, they should contact and discuss their case with a qualified legal professional as soon as possible.

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